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Friday, May 17, 2013

May is about to end =)

Hello dearies,

Apa khabar? I noe it's been awhile since my last update. Sorry,slightly busy with recent activities & chores. Alhamdullilah,days getting happier & brighter since having little muchkin in life . 18 weeks to go. Good luck Mamy :)

Back to latest update, apparently me & elder sister operating an 'infant' call Yes It's Yours- Dream Handbag. We sell 100% genuine handbag from boutique with affordable & 'unsangkarable' price. You can follow our official FB page to get thru latest update on our product & promotions. Okay la, enough intro on our biz,let's get back to work. Have a nice Friday all.

Here are sum link that you can used to get thru our official site. Merci for your continuous support towards Yes It's Yours- Dream Handbag. The support were amazing and unbelievable. Lets us together spread the YIY love in the air. Merci,merci,merci :)

Dear Authentic Handbag lovers,

We on behalf of  Yes It's Yours- Dream Handbag. crew welcoming you all to visit our little infant & support us. Wee :)

Instagram: @yesitsyours_dreamhandbag

Much Love,
Atiey M

Friday, February 15, 2013

Our little one in 2013 =)

Assalamualaikum readers,

Apa khabar semua?Salam Jumaat. Since it was my 1st entry for this 2013,I also wanna take a chance to wish you all HAPPY 2013. Yup,I noe its kinda late but it's ok rather late than none aite? Hopefully this year will bring us more prosper & delightful moments,InsyaAllah,Amin.

Like I said bfore, I always wanted to blog but as usual la,works come 1st. Currently hectic handling prior accounting thiggy. Serabut kot but guess what,got another good news . Minutes have been sign & we entitle for 3 months bonus. Yeayy!!! Rasa semangat sgt nk buat kerja hari ni. Added on top of that husband we'll be here so soon. Can't hardly wait for tonight & hopefully he'll safely arrived. I ask him to take ETS which would be more easier for him to travel here. Since married he travel lots & its time for him to rest, lay-back during his journey. Thank you husband,thanks for being a gud husband of mine.

As for last Friday,we went for our 1st baby medical check-up.Husband took AL accompany me check-up & see whether our baby being nice in Mamy's tummy.Ya Allah,can't describe how my feeling when I saw our precious inside me. Rasa sayang sgt & since pregnant,baby never burden Mamy at all. Alhamdullilah,I never faced morning sickness during !st trimester which will be end soon,InsyaAllah. Thank you Allah for guiding,helping me to be more independent Mamy when husb away. Yes,still in long distance mode with husb. Sorang kt Tapah,sorang kt Gombak. Tapi takpa,now I've little precious to accompany me everyday. Thank you Allah for the best gift ever. SubhanaAllah,It's beyond our expectation and it feel so amazing to have you in our life Sayang. Mamy & Dady always pray for you & we can't wait to hold you tight,be around Mamy side all night. Really can't wait for that blissful moment to arrive Sayang. Be good and Mamy promise to take a gud care of you.

Anyway,had my off-day well spent and quite productive last week. Happy CNY people. Since gov declare 4 days holiday,we agreed to spent 2 days night at MIL house,1 night at Abah's place & another 1 day at our home sweet home. Husband enjoyed his 2 days stay efficiently kot. Mana taknya,ptg je terus keluar lepak,then balik mandi,lepak rumah for a while,then gone playing Futsal till 1-2 am.I dun mind staying all day long at home coz I have a gud MIL. Since we both love cooking so I enjoy my stay helping her at kitchen,cooking & sharing sum tips & recipes.
We headed to Titi Gantung on Monday to attend Echa wedding. OMG,she looks damn gorgeous with magenta's dress. So sweet and suit her well. Tahniah Echa on behalf of me & husband. Be a gud wife that always be the back bone of husband & be prepare for babies too. Aiyooo,ckp org pandai kan Atiey =)

Okay la,maybe it's time to stop.Till we meet again Sayangs. Assalamualaikum =)


Btw,Im curently promote sum handbag in FB. 

'Salam. First batch will be delivered soon !!! Last call for ur 'DREAM HANDBAG'. Decide n place ur order b4 10am, 16 feb, saturday (paris time). U'll get ur handbag next week ( 20-23 feb). - handbag to you-'

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For those interested in buying for Hantaran or own can place your order now bfore sister fly back here okay. She'll be here next week. So book now!! Thank youuuuu!!!

Much Love,
Atiey M,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Congratulation =)

Assalamualaikum readers,

 Received good news from husband just now. 
I'am so happy on behalf of u. 
InsyaAllah,hopefully we'll lead a better way right after this. 
Thank you for being efficient,left every 'laroooo' in life.
 Remember our promise &  InsyaAllah,I'll help you to make it real just like what we'd plan b'fore.
 Perhaps this could be our step stone to keep moving forward & success in future. 
Feel like crying already. 
Love you even more,more,more,more,more,more. 


Esok hari Jumaat. Can't hardly wait to see you ,Abg.I pray to Allah,seek for His bless to keep our love grows stronger each day.Sorry unable to be with you like normal wife shud be.Tapi,jumpa on weekend pun dah boleh buat I happy till current.Muah!!

Much Love,