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Friday, May 17, 2013

May is about to end =)

Hello dearies,

Apa khabar? I noe it's been awhile since my last update. Sorry,slightly busy with recent activities & chores. Alhamdullilah,days getting happier & brighter since having little muchkin in life . 18 weeks to go. Good luck Mamy :)

Back to latest update, apparently me & elder sister operating an 'infant' call Yes It's Yours- Dream Handbag. We sell 100% genuine handbag from boutique with affordable & 'unsangkarable' price. You can follow our official FB page to get thru latest update on our product & promotions. Okay la, enough intro on our biz,let's get back to work. Have a nice Friday all.

Here are sum link that you can used to get thru our official site. Merci for your continuous support towards Yes It's Yours- Dream Handbag. The support were amazing and unbelievable. Lets us together spread the YIY love in the air. Merci,merci,merci :)

Dear Authentic Handbag lovers,

We on behalf of  Yes It's Yours- Dream Handbag. crew welcoming you all to visit our little infant & support us. Wee :)

Instagram: @yesitsyours_dreamhandbag

Much Love,
Atiey M